U-Pass BC Compass Card: Eligibility, Documents required, How to get and link to Compass card?

What is U-Pass BC Compass Card?

U Pass BC


U-Pass BC is a public transportation monthly pass for secondary students. It is valid throughout British Columbia and available to all students at participating institutions. The provincial government created the U-Pass BC program, which since September 2010 provides a standardized transportation plan for all public post-secondary students.

Eligibility to join U-Pass BC program

  • Most students eligible for this program must be students, typically, attending one of the participating public post-secondary institutions.
  • Must be enrolled in full-time or part-time courses with a minimum of three credits or institution-assessed tuition.
  • Eligibility criteria for the program are established by the Province of British Columbia. However a student’s eligibility is determined by each post-secondary institution


  • U-Pass BC gives students access to bus, Seabus and Skytrain services in Metro Vancouver.
  • This pass offers several fare discounts on West Coast Express.
  • If you’re an eligible HandyDART user, you’ll be able to use your U-Pass BC for your HandyDART trips
  • Pay their U-Pass to BC as part of their student fees. With everyone contributing to the program, the cost per student is significantly reduced.
  • Students can travel at reduced fares
  • Encourage students to make travel a part of their lifestyle with the U-Pass BC program for recreational and other non-school trips.

What is the current U-Pass BC cost in Canada?

  • $45.10 (May 1 2023 – Apr 30 2024)
  • $46.00 (May 1 2024 – Apr 30 2025)

How to apply and get U-Pass?

  1. In order to access the U-Pass BC monthly pass, you will need to buy a physical Compass Card
  2. Once you purchase a Compass Card
  3. Visit https://upassbc.translink.ca/
  4. Select your institution and click “Go”
  5. Sign in your account
  6. Check your eligibility
  7. Link your compass card by entering the 20digits and CVN on the back of your Compass card
  8. Request your U-Pass BC
  9. Your request will be processed within 24 hours

Get U-Pass BC at Vancouver Community College (VCC) Canada

List of U-Pass BC program participating post-secondary institutions in Metro Vancouver

How to buy Compass Card?

View Buy/Purchase Compass Card Canada: How / Where to buy through retailer / Compass Vending Machines (CVMs)? through the above link.

U-Pass BC Compass Card

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List of Compass Card Retailers in Canada

View the List of Compass Card Retailers in Canada through the above link.

How to request U-Pass BC for each month and how frequently?

Once you’ve purchased a Compass Card and your card is linked, go ahead and request your U-Pass BC. Select the month you wish to request, and click “Request”. After a request is made, the system will confirm your eligibility and load a U-Pass BC to your Compass Card. Each month, you’ll need to request your pass for the following month. You can request the next month’s pass on or after the 16th of each month.

Processing time to load your U-Pass BC

  • It will take 24 hours

Can you transfer your U-Pass BC to someone?

No, it is not transferable and it is an offense

What is the offense/fine for traveling without a valid fare

  • you may be fined $173

How to report for the lost / stolen U-Pass BC?

If you lose your Compass Card:

  1. Logging into your U-Pass BC account
  2. Tab ‘My U-Pass BC’
  3. Go to the ‘Unlink Compass Card’
  4. Click ‘Confirm’.
  5. Make sure you unlink your Compass Card right away to deactivate your card and prevent someone else from using it.

Will my U-Pass BC benefits be transferred to another card if I lost my compass card?

Yes, you can transfer to a new card if your compass card is lost / stolen.

Can you use U-Pass BC in the West Coast Express (WCE) and HandyDART?

U-Pass BC is accepted on HandyDART with no extra charge.
Link your Compass Card with your HandyDART account. Transit Customer Care at 604.953.3680.

You can’t travel on WCE with your U-Pass BC, but it does allow you to redeem senior fares with saved value or credit toward purchases with a WCE U-Pass BC Monthly Pass.

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