What is RTA Green Points? How to achieve more points and win a reward?

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) green points

RTA Green Points Scheme is mainly used for the people who are using the public transport. The main objective is with go green to avoid the carbon footprint where the people should avoid using the RTA customer care center for everything. They can get assistance from their mobile phone, internet (online) and call centre.

Customers can

  • collect green points with every mobile transaction (any digital transaction with RTA’s Licensing Agency) on using Public transport and the app.
  • take a ride on Public transport and get the points
  • earn 36 points for each and every transaction and also one point for every KM traveled on the RTA transport (bus, metro, tram, taxi) and the app.

Customers who earned more RTA green points will be rewarded annually.

How to earn RTA green points?

  1. Register for Nol ID and use Dubai’s public transport (or)
  2. Use RTA’s digital channels for any transactions
  3. Currently RTA has launched mChat in Drivers and Vehicles app where you can get the assistance from RTA customer service agents at all times. Service available from 8am to 2pm.

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