Students who use the metro or tram frequently in Dubai are eligible for free laptops.

Dubai students get free laptops while using metro, tram frequently

The Road Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai provides free computers to students who use the metro and trams frequently. The service is available for students to get to schools and universities.

Last week, this program coincided with the beginning of the new school year(2021-2022).

The initiative, according to Rowdah Al Mehrizi, director of Marketing and Corporate Communication for the RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, is part of the RTA’s commitment to encouraging various segments of the community, including youth and students, to use mass transit such as the Metro, tram, buses, and marine transit in their daily commutes across Dubai.

Students and residents receive a 50% discount on blue Nol cards, while senior Emiratis, residents, and people of determination receive the card for free. (AW)

At the start of the current academic year, these gadgets were given to students at the metro and tram stations most often used by this group of Students (2021-2022).

The RTA’s Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications praised the firms’ efforts to implement the program, which symbolizes one of the characteristics of cooperation between the public and private sectors represented by the RTA and Noon.

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